Want to buy?

ceramic mugs from Touch of Vintage series

I can offer all my images as giclee prints and as greeting cards   Originals of some of my paintings are still available, please email to enquire.

The Giclee prints I do myself are generally in three sizes, 6.25 inch, 8.25 inch  and 30 x 30 cm for square images.   These are on archival paper and are expected not to fade for 60 – 100 years as a pigment ink is used instead of the normal dye for inkjet prints.  Prices would normally be £20 for a wrapped 6.25 inch print, £30 for a wrapped 8.25 inch print, and £50 for a 30cm  wrapped print.     This would usually cover the cost of standard post and packing in the UK.

I can get larger prints done for me if required, on canvas,  paper, or aluminium  – a process which allows for the print to be left out of doors without spoiling.   Prices can be obtained on request.

The greetings cards I make myself are A6 size, folded card with an inkjet print pasted on to the front, no message inside, handwritten title and signature on the back as well as my contact details.

I also get them printed commercially in A6 size and larger sizes – 6 inch square and 5 x 7 inch rectangle.   These ones are not signed.  Prices available if you email me what you want.

I can no longer supply ceramic  mugs.

Please email me if you have any queries at ronniecreswell@madasafish.com.

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