ceramic mugs – not currently available

The ceramic mugs shown below were printed for me in Lyme Regis and show my own designs.   They were packed in a plain cardboard box with a paper label inside each mug with text saying “Printed in Lyme Regis from an original image by Ronnie Creswell, Fair Hill, Gibbs Lane, Morcombelake, DT6 6DT  ronniecreswell@madasafish.com“.

I used to supply them to order at £8.95 each including post and packing in the UK.

Unfortunately, further supplies cannot be obtained at present.


3 Responses to “ceramic mugs – not currently available”

  1. Andrea Chambers Says:

    Saw a mug in Bonjour at Poundbury couple of weeks ago but it had gone when I went in today. Cannot see it on your website, it was abstract, pale lilac color with different colored splodges. Do you have any left please?

  2. I presume it was the “Teastains” design – I could take one back in to Bonjour for you if that would be convenient for you?

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